The Buy, Build & Sell Mentoring Programme

If you want to build a group of businesses, then sell them for a small fortune, I will work with you over the next 12 months so that you can achieve this.

This new programme will only run once, starting in April 2020. It will never be repeated. And it’s not open to everyone.

I’ve used the buy and build strategy to secure my financial future – in very different sectors – and each time it made me millions (I’ll share the evidence of how much I made from these deals when we meet on the Programme) and I started another ‘buy +  build + sell’ in yet another sector last June – with huge success in just a few short months.

In the last eight months I’ve agreed to buy 11  businesses. None of them are anything special when looked at as individually owned companies but this is the secret…buy ugly, boring businesses and consolidate them into one larger, beautifully profitable business.

  • Some were losing money
  • Some were understaffed
  • Some had been neglected by their owners
  • All were running at under capacity

They are all ‘SME’s’  - small companies – and in different parts of the country – the North West, Midlands and East of England.

But here’s the best – I bought all of them without risking my own cash.

Each deal was different – but in all except three, the deal was structured so that nothing was paid on completion. OK, there  a £1 here and there, but nothing substantial.

As soon as we bought them we went about ‘fixing’ them.

  • We fixed the premises
  • We fixed the staff
  • We fixed the product
  • We fixed the marketing.

The result – a group of beautiful businesses.

And here are the figures once the final bit of ‘fixing ‘ has taken effect:

Total group revenue: £5.5m

Profit at 20% £1.1m

Exit value (the price I could get if I sold them) £11,000,000

Why the huge jump in value? This is one of the strategies I teach you on the programme – you buy at the smartest possible price, add value then the overall exit price is maximised – and the crazy thing is – the main way of ‘adding value’ is to merge these smaller businesses into a group!


Now, let’s be realistic – there will be legal fees and head office costs and any debt to be taken off the £11m, but even if you reduce this by 25%, £8.25m for eight months work isn’t bad.

But why stop there? If you have a formula for buy/build/exit, you can do it again and again.


Let’s think about this:

  • Eleven businesses bought in seven months (more by the time you attend the Programme), with no financial risk on my part.
  • Hard work to turn them into profitable companies (but once you have the formula for one, you just apply it to the others).
  • Then hold them or sell them – the choice is yours.

(We’re ‘holding’, as the goal is build a group of 100 companies over the next three years.)

If this is something that appeals to you, then read o a I’ll show you how to do the same.


Starting April 2020, I’m running an exclusive, one-off training programme for 50 people. Thirty of those places have already been reserved for existing clients. A further ten have been block-booked by a firm of M&A Advisors.

Which leaves 10 places – which is why I’m writing to you.

We’ll get together on the phone in March to set your strategy, then all the Programme delegates will meet up in April for two days and I’ll teach you what you need to know to be able to copy what I’ve done. Then we’ll meet for a further two days in June to check on progress and teach you more – then we’ll meet for the final time in September for another two days to embed, refresh and refine your approach.

And every month we’ll catch up by video conference call.

I’m going to teach you by Seven ‘S’ Formula of Business Acquisition:

S for Strategy – The Options and Opportunities Matrix

S for Source – Finding The Right Deal – Templates Provided

S for Structure – 12 Plug and Play Deal Structures to Minimise Cash Required

S for Solution – 10 Deal Negotiation Scenarios

S for Sign – Successful Deal Completion

S for Scale – Turnaround, Consolidate and  Growth Strategies

S for Secure Your Future – The Ultimate, Life-Changing Exit

During our 12 months together I’m going to show you how to buy, build and sell your own group of companies, just like I’ve done in the education and marketing sectors. The strategies you’ll learn are applicable to any sector, in any country and in any economic climate.

Not only that, I’ll personally introduce you to my ‘Deal Team’ who made all this happen for me:

  • The lawyer
  • The finance broker
  • The accountant
  • The Due Diligence team
  • The HR consultant

You’ll meet them at the workshops in April, June and September. They will become your Deal Team, if you wish.

I also have some ‘special guests’  - my clients who have been on other business buying courses I’ve run who have taken my advice and made it happen:

  1. Peter, who intended to buy one business – he did that with a total investment of £1 – then realised he could do it again and again…
  2. Jon, who bought three businesses in three months – including a hotel and golf  course – without risking his own cash
  3. David, who grew his company by £3m sales by making two acquisitions within three months of working with me
  4. Perry, who bought two multi million pound companies  - without any personal risk
  5. Stuart, who bought a £60m revenue business for less than the value of the building that came with it.

By the way, during our six months together, personally, I have another nine acquisitions scheduled. I’ll share with you the accounts, the Sale and Purchase Agreements, the Business Plans (including our secret 100 Day Plan). You’ll ‘look over my shoulder’ as I make these deals happen.

You’ll need to sign an NDA to be part of this programme as I’m even going to share some videos of my negotiations with the sellers of these companies. You’ll see the whole process, warts and all.

I’ll teach you everything you know to go out and make this happen.

And for the people who book one of the remaining 10 places, I’ll add:

A further six months of group mentoring, so I can support you through your first acquisitions, to help you avoid any expensive mistakes…making this a 12 month, immersive programme giving you the entire end to end business acquisition template

Here’s something important: I need to speak to you, on the phone, before accepting you onto this programme. Why? Because it’s important that you have a business background and understand that hard work will be required to achieve the results you want.

This is not for dreamers, dabblers and procrastinators. Its’s for action-takers determined to make 2020 a special year.

Here’s the financial part.

Book a call with me via my PA, Maria by emailing

Only do this if you are serious about being part of the Programme.

To put off the time wasters, Maria will take a payment of £1,000 + vat from you by card. This means I only speak to the serious contenders.

If you decide not to join the Programme as a result of our telephone call, we will immediately refund all of your money.

If you do decide to join the Programme – that’s your first month’s payment taken care of.

There are then 11 further monthly payments of £1,000 + vat, or a £2,000 discount if you settle your account in full.

Maria will schedule our onboarding call and our 12 months working together will start

So email Maria to book in our call.

Remember, I’ve reserved 10 places for my contacts. Let me know if you’d like to be one of them.