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27 Business Buying Strategies - The New ‘Quick-Start’ Seminar

A brand new live seminar where you’ll discover 27 essential business buying strategies to help you buy a business without risking your own capital, in the smartest way possible.

You’ll find out how to make money when you buy a business, when you own the business and when you sell the business – and how to pay yourself an average of £10,000 per month in consultancy fees with each business you buy.

  1. When to buy the assets of a business and when to buy the shares – the risks and rewards of both approaches
  2. How reduce the transaction period to just five days – minimising your legal fees and improving your negotiating position
  3. How to buy a business without ever leaving your office making the entire acquisition easy for busy people like you
  4. How much should you pay lawyers– and why these costs should never concern you
  5. The Mike Ashley technique of buying assets from Administrators
  6. What to say when a seller asks you if you have bought a business before – and you haven’t!
  7. How to get finance for an acquisition without the need for a Personal Guarantee
  8. How to find the right businesses to buy – and NEVER go through brokers or websites
  9. Why you should never put in an ‘offer’ to buy a business and why as soon as you do, you lose your negotiating position
  10. How to become the world’s best negotiator with one simple tactic – even if you hate the idea of negotiating
  11. How to know if a business is worth buying and how to ensure you never over-pay
  12. The three psychological rules of business buying and why following these rules will make you look like you have a decade’s experience
  13. How to make money when you buy a business - not just when you own it or sell it
  14. How to get finance to buy a company that you don’t yet own
  15. The three areas to ‘fix’ when you buy a business that will make it more profitable within the first 100 days
  16. Why buying a business should be fun – and how to never become stressed
  17. How Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Touker Sullyman buys bust businesses and turn them around
  18. The ‘four-quadrant’ approach to business buying
  19. The 8 character traits of a successful dealmaker
  20. 7 Myths of buying a business
  21. How to choose a sector to buy in and should you stick to what you know – and why ugly businesses are good businesses
  22. How the UK’s richest person amassed his £21 Billion fortune – by buying businesses, below market value
  23. Why Theo Paphitus has never paid more than a £1 for a company in his life
  24. Lessons from the Marks and Spencer’s acquisition of Ocado and how you can adapt this approach
  25. The ‘buy and build’ strategy – how to turn several small businesses into one big business
  26. How to buy a big business when you are a small business
  27. Why you should never buy a business which is priced on a multiple of EBITDA

Who should attend and why:

  • If you own a business, buying a business is the fastest way to improve your profit, get scale, remove competitors, exit for a higher value, enter new markets and have more fun!
  • If you want to get into business, buying an existing company and putting your mark on it is the fastest way to positive cashflow and an existing infrastructure, without the risk of a start-up.
How To Buy A Business Discovery Day