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“How to Buy a £1m+ Business With No Money Down”

Is it really possible to buy a business for £1?

Let me show you how I’ve done it, with an exceptional case study where I bought a £4.7m annual revenue business for just £1 and sold it for seven figures 11 months later!

In this brand new seminar I’ll show you how to find these deals, how to structure them and how to ‘flip’’ them – at the same time as providing you with cash flow while you own them.

It’s not just bust businesses you can buy for £1 – they can be healthy businesses with ‘distressed’ business owners – and you can structure a deal that requires no money down or none of your own money being utilised.

It sounds almost too good to be true but this is how private equity often structure deals – ‘Homebase’ was sold for £1 in 2018, for example.

How To Buy A Business Discovery Day

I’ll show you how to find these deals, how to negotiate ‘win-win’ deals and how to get the team in place to support you.

Learn how to buy a business at the next Discovery Day with The Dealmaker's Academy and Jonathan Jay

If you own a business, the fastest and easiest growth strategy is to buy another business – I’ll show you how and also how to make it as stress free as possible.
Buying a company can double the size of your company- I added millions of pounds to a company sale by buying a struggling competitor – I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

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How To Buy A Business Discovery Day

Join me in London, Birmingham or Manchester and discover the mindset and skills required to turbo charge your business and income.

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