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“How to Sell a Business For Maximum Value – Without Using a Broker!”

If you own a business, you probably wonder from time to time what it’s worth – and could selling it give you a windfall that could pay off the mortgage or more…?
Perhaps you own a business you’ve fallen out of love with – and selling it for maximum value seems a very attractive idea - so you can spend more time with your family or on holiday…

But did you know that 80% of businesses that are listed for sale never actually sell?

That means you only have a one in five chance of successfully selling your company.

That’s not good.

So why don’t more businesses sell?

There are at least three reasons:


The business owner doesn't know how best to present their business to a buyer


The business is underprepared


The owner has relied completely on the advice of a broker and hasn't actively participated in the sales process themselves

Let’s talk about brokers:

most brokers charge an upfront fee – anything up to £50,000 with a success fee of 2% - 7% of the sale price.
When you pay that sort of money, you expect the broker to do all the work for you but what happens if you choose the wrong broker?
There are five things you should be doing alongside the broker to get the best from their service, or, alternatively, you might want to take control of the process yourself and save yourself the fees…

How To Buy A Business Discovery Day

Over the last 21 years I’ve sold several companies – two of them in multi seven figure deals and the first when I was 27 years old.

My first major exit set me up for life – could selling your business do the same?

I used a broker and sold businesses myself. I know which I preferred.
I’ve paid £45,000 + vat to a broker – then fired them a few months later when I realised they were useless. The war stories I could tell you….
I want to save you the pain I went through, the money I wasted and the heartache of wondering if I was getting the best deal….
There are also some very smart business buyers out there. The Dealmakers Academy has trained over 100 of them. They know all the smart negotiating tactics to use to get the very best deal.

How To Buy A Business Discovery Day

But now, to balance things up, I’m switching sides!

I’m going to show you – a business owner – how to get the best possible deal when selling your company.
Whether you run a profitable business or a business that’s stuck in a rut, I’ll show you how to get top dollar – and how to avoid the mistakes I made.

I’ve never taught anyone this before- but enough people have asked for me to show them my methods – and how I achieved two multi-seven figure exits, that I’m running ‘Discovery’ events in the next few weeks.

I’m limiting the attendance to 50 people and of course, you need to currently own a business to attend and have a real interest in selling your company.

For the past few years I’ve been teaching people, formally and informally, how to buy a business. I’m now stepping over to the other side for two one-off events, to show you how to sell a business and get the best possible deal.

I repeat – even if you feel your company is not yet ready to be sold or it’s something you won’t do for a while- you should attend these events now to prepare for a future sale. The better prepared you are the more money you will make!

Here's what I'll show you:

  • A seven step process for preparing your company for sale – which you need to start NOW
  • How to ‘interview’ brokers to select the right one for you
  • How to avoid brokers fees and sell your company yourself
  • How to structure the sale to get maximum value
  • How to value your own company – you can do this the next day!
  • If you don’t use a broker, how to find buyers
  • How to handle Due Diligence
  • The ‘Deal Team’ you need around you who will make your life easier
  • How to de-stress the process of selling your company
  • Why you need tax advice sooner rather than later – and how to pay only 10% tax

I will give you 21 years of tips, tricks, advice and hard earned experience in just a few hours….
This is the first - and possibly the only time I will be running these Discovery events.

Register for this special event now and you’ll discover what only a fraction of business owners know – how to sell your company successfully for maximum value.