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“Learn the street-wise business buying strategies You won’t find in a book!”

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Learn the insider secrets of buying a company with no personal risk and no money down Discover how to buy both profitable and distressed businesses in the smartest way possible

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The Dealmaker's Academy

This is The Dealmaker’s Academy where Jonathan Jay and his team of business buying and selling experts will train you in the steps to buying a business, growth by acquisition, how to sell a company and business turnaround. If you want expert guidance on how to buy a business or how to sell your business effectively without business brokers – you’re in the right place!

Maybe you want to understand the best way to borrow money to buy a company or how you go about buying a business with no money down. There are many no money down business opportunities, even when buying an established business When you see a small business for sale or any business for sale you might wonder how to buy a business and how to best go about valuing a business.

Learn How To Buy & Sell A Small Business

When you know how to buy a company or how to buy a business you can grow your own business faster by acquisition. Maybe you know someone who is selling business assets or they are advertising the sale of their business?

The Dealmakers Academy will train you in the best way of buying a small business or buying a small business with no money – how to find businesses for sale, how to approach the owner and negotiate the deal.

If you are selling a business and you want to do this without a business broker, The Dealmakers Academy and Jonathan Jay’s team of experts will guide you in the steps requires to sell your business effectively and how to go about valuing a business.

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How To Buy A Company 

The Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme is a masterclass in growth by acquisition, how to buy a company and business turnaround. Learn how to go about buying a business with no money invested of your own – even an established business/company!

The Dealmaker's Academy Blog Articles

Internet Celebrities Are Making Real Businesses (And Selling Them)

  The internet has given birth to a slew of “internet celebrities” and some of them are capitalising on their influence by building and selling their business, making millions in the process. As the internet in general as well as the practice of sharing our lives online has increasingly grown in popularity, so has the […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Sell Your Business

Making the decision to sell your business is a huge step for anyone. Sometimes your company is ready to be sold now whereas on other occasions it could be best to hold onto it a little longer. If you’re interested in weighing up the pros and cons of both, you’re in the right place!   […]

The Story of Instagram’s $1billion Acquisition

Just 18 months after its launch, Facebook decided to buy another business and so acquired Instagram for $1billion in 2012. At the time, Instagram was a 13-person start-up with 30 million users. Now the photo-sharing app boasts over 600 million users worldwide.   The Creation of Instagram After over a year of planning, Instagram was […]

7 Things to Consider Before You Buy A Business

Have you ever considered buying a business? It can be a scary decision and there’s a lot of information to consider, not to mention it can be a complicated process! However, with the right knowledge, advice, and people around you, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you’re looking for some practical expertise on what […]
How to buy a business in 2019: The ultimate guide

How To Buy A Business in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to The Dealmaker’s Academy and our ultimate guide on how to buy a business in 2019 and growing your company via acquisition. This really is the ultimate guide to mergers and acquisitions with over 35,000 words covering everything you’ll ever need to know in order to find, fund and flip businesses for profit. Looking for […]
The Signs of a Profitable Business

The Signs of a Profitable Business

At The Dealmaker’s Academy we are firm believers that the biggest wins in business often come from buying and selling a business. Acquisitions are simply one of the fastest ways to grow a business often at a rate you cannot achieve by solely working in the business. Perhaps you have reached the same conclusion and […]