Want To Buy A Business In The Next Six Months?


In Two Intensive Days, Discover Closely-Guarded Business Buying Secrets So You Can Successfully Buy A Business … Even During a Recession … Without Using Any of Your Own Money …


  • Advice and guidance from people who successfully bought a business and have reached their financial goals.
  • Gain the inspiration and know-how to make that all-important first business acquisition … before Christmas, or sooner.
  • Ask questions. Get answers. Start moving forward.
  • Get a plan for buying that business and set yourself a firm deadline so it actually happens.
  • Straight talk about the Dealmakers Complete Business Buying System and how to stick with the system … and why that’s so crucial.
  • Remember … the goal is to buy that business without a penny of your own money … while minimizing risk.

Dealmakers Live Mastermind is strictly limited to just 60 attendees and thousands of people who are interested in business acquisition are seeing this page. This event will sell out. 




TIME: 10 AM – 5 PM





From The Desk of Jonathan Jay: Founder, The Dealmakers Academy


Dear Member of The Dealmakers Community,

 I want to invite you to a special 2-day event I’m holding this in January 2024. It’s called The Dealmakers Live Mastermind and it’s taking place in central London at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

For two days, you’re going to hear from me. I’ve bought and sold over 60 businesses. But more importantly, you’re going to hear from my guest speakers who have all bought multiple businesses and some have already had eight-figure exits!

At one stage, all of these speakers had never bought a business and many of them were “on the fence” or super-hesitant.

But now, every one of them owns a business. Some of them own several businesses. What did they do to make this happen? How did they change their mindset? How did they reach life-changing financial goals?

You’re going to get the answers to these questions … and much, much more at the Dealmakers Live Mastermind.

At the beginning of the Dealmakers Live Mastermind, you’ll be someone who is serious about buying a business but hasn’t made it happen yet. Maybe you own a business and want to buy another one but you’re not sure about next steps. Either way, by the end of the Dealmakers Live Mastermind, you’ll have the information and the motivation to move forward.

Let me be totally clear about this event. It’s NOT an event where we sit around and talk about vague theories and spout jargon… The Dealmakers Live Mastermind is intense, real, and all about helping you move toward your financial and life goals.

All the details are below.

There’s one more thing … space at this event is limited to the first 60 people who register. Thousands of people are seeing this web page. So make sure you register right away. I don’t want you to be disappointed. I want to make sure you’re there.

I look forward to seeing you in January.


To Your Success …


Jonathan Jay

Founder, Dealmakers Academy

What Keeps People From Buying a Business? The Answer Will Surprise You.

Over the last few years, I’ve helped over 12,500 people get the information they need to understand how to buy a business. Plus I’ve bought and sold over 60 businesses. So I know a thing or two about what it takes to become a business owner … and what keeps people from buying a business.

What keeps people from taking that “next step?” Here are the answers, based on my experience.


  1. Not having a plan based on a system.
  2. Not having all the information about business buying.
  3. Not having enough leads and poor deal flow.
  4. Not having the all-important “let’s get this done” mindset due to natural hesitancy.
  5. Not having a peer group around them for motivation and inspiration.
  6. Not having some role models who can provide additional mentorship.


So … to overcome all of the above, I put together “The Dealmakers Live Mastermind” Make sure you register right now as space is limited.



Here’s The Schedule for Dealmakers Live …




9:00 – 10:00 AM Registration and coffee.

10:00 – 11:00 Introduction from Jonathan Jay. The Dealmakers Mindset PLUS … The new way to find deals in today’s economy and the truth about business brokers.

11:30 – 11:30 Networking Break.

11:30 – 1:00 Meet the Acquisition Entrepreneurs who will answer your questions about how they did it!

1:00 – 2:00 Buffet lunch and networking

2:00 – 3:30 How to Buy, Build and Exit

3:30 – 4:00 Networking Break.

4:00 – 5:30 Your questions and group discussion.

6:00 onwards Drinks and dinner (optional based on the package you choose).




9:00 – 10:30 Jonathan Jay. Overcoming What’s Holding You Back PLUS … 10 expensive mistakes new business buyers make and how to avoid them

10:30 – 11:00 Networking Break.

11:00 – 12:30 Meet Dealmakers who have done their first deal – and discover what they learned!

12:30 – 1:30 Buffet Lunch and a private lunch for delegates who have already bought a business (special presentation by Jonathan)

1:30 – 3:00 How to get started in business acquisition when you don’t have any money!

3:o0 – 3:00 Networking break

3:00 – 4:00 Questions and group discussion. Final thoughts.


The Dealmakers Live Mastermind is an interactive event. You’ll hear from some wonderful speakers … but I encourage debate and questions.

About The Host … 23 Years of Experience Buying and Selling Businesses … He’s Helped Over 12,500 People Buy Their First Business …


I’m Jonathan Jay and I’m hosting The Dealmakers Live Mastermind.

I first sold a business in 1999 and I first bought an established business in 2006. Earlier in my career, I tried to start businesses … that was a mistake.

17 years ago I bought a competitor  - and sold my new, larger group to a Private Equity firm for a life changing amount of money. People discovered that I was having this type of success and started to tell me, “Jonathan … teach me how to do this.”

So I started a company called Dealmakers. My company gives people the know-how they need to buy a business … and to achieve this successfully.

Since starting Dealmakers, I’ve helped over 12,500 people get information about buying a business. I’m still active … maybe too active … in this arena and I acquired 48 businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

My acquisition success come from these factors …


  • Focus
  • Speed
  • Value
  • Know-how
  • Experience from success and failures


For the record, I don’t have any type of business degree and I dropped out of university at age 19. All my knowledge comes from the real world and is not taught at even the most prestigious business schools.

I get huge satisfaction when I hear from people I have mentored who have experienced success and are on the way to reaching even the most audacious financial goals.


My core beliefs …

  • People should trust people who have extensive experience in their chosen field.
  • It’s important to admit mistakes when they happen. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them.
  • I hate hype. I explain my work and my approach with intense clarity so everyone can understand what it takes to buy a business.
  • It’s all about the results I help people achieve.
  • I’m risk-averse and I want others to minimize their risk.

Some of The Speakers At The Dealmakers Live Mastermind …

For the Dealmakers Live Mastermind, I carefully selected the speakers from my client list.  These are not business professors. They are not people who will go through the “theory” of buying a business. They are NOT high-priced consultants who don’t really know anything about business but talk a good game.

These are people who were in The Dealmakers Mastermind Programme and bought at least one business. At one stage, they had hesitations. They were on the fence. But they eventually got their first deal done and are now enjoying all the benefits.


Listening to these speakers, you’ll discover …


  • EXACTLY how deals were done and how these people stuck with the The Complete Business Business Buying System.
  • Why being a part of Dealmakers Mastermind helped them.
  • Highly-relatable stories about their own acquisition journeys.
  • How they overcame the common business buying challenges.
  • How they negotiated deals and structured the payments with no out-of-pocket money while minimizing risk.
  • Exactly how they financed and closed the deals.
  • How YOU can quickly and easily do it too even during the recession..
  • And much, much more …


The ONLY place you’ll find this knowledge is at Dealmakers Live. In fact, each delegate must sign an NDA so they don’t reveal their information anywhere else.




  • Bought 21 businesses in 8 months.
  • Goal is to retire at 40.
  • The one business category he totally avoided.
  • How he avoids bad businesses … and why that’s so important …
  • How to organize “smart deals.”
  • What really motivates buyers … it’s not what you think.


  • Bought 4 manufacturing businesses.
  • A group generating over £8 million a year in revenue.
  • In his office just 10 hours a week.
  • On the golf course at least twice a week.
  • How he kept deals going … when others were trying to stop the deal.
  • Does not run the businesses day-to-day.
  • How to deal with property-related issues in a business acquisition.


  • Accomplished background in the corporate world.
  • Bought a “niche” business.
  • The deal almost failed … but he still made it happen.
  • Lessons learned during a complex deal and how he stuck to the system.
  • Getting to “win-win.”


  • Acquired a hardware store … and working on finding others to buy.
  • Made a big mistake she’s corrected.
  • Working toward her “big audacious goal” so she and her husband can retire on their terms.
  • How she evaluates a business before acquisition.
  • She NEVER uses her own money and minimizes her risk.

Yes … We’ll Talk Exit …


During the Dealmakers Live Mastermind, we’ll talk about how to get into a business … and make it yours. But there’s another part of the equation: the exit. That’s where you actually reach that big hairy audacious financial goal.

As soon as you own a business … or several businesses … it’s time to start thinking about getting out.

A One Time Event That We’ll Likely Not Repeat


This will be your ONLY chance to hear these speakers in one place … in one powerful event. If I end up organizing another Dealmakers Live Mastermind, it will be not be for a long, long time.


  • If I end up organizing another event, admission will be a lot higher.
  • Recordings of this event will NOT be available.
  • Dealmakers Live is a purely live event … it’s NOT virtual.


Admission is only available to 60 people. Registration details are below.

What You’ll Discover at Dealmakers Live Will Change How You Approach Business Buying



  • Not sure how to move forward.
  • Need more technical knowledge.
  • In need of additional motivation.
  • Ready to move forward but one or two obstacles in the way.



  • Technical questions answered.
  • Total clarity about next steps.
  • The motivation to get moving with the process.
  • Clear goals with a clear timeline.


Yes … in just a couple of days, this transformation can, and will, take place. But you must be at The Dealmakers Live Mastermind if this transformation is going to happen.

Who The Dealmakers Live Mastermind Is For … And Who It’s Not …


Dealmakers Live is for people who …


  • Want a thorough knowledge of proven business buying tactics and strategies.
  • Are curious and wants to learn.
  • Are willing to invest in themselves and learn from others who have been successful.
  • Take action and gets things done.
  • Just need that “something” or “spark” to get them moving toward buying that first business.


It’s NOT for people who …


  • Never take action and are “dabblers” in this arena.
  • Will not invest in expertise from experts and are not interested in personal development and growth.
  • Think they know all about buying a business because they read an article in a magazine.
  • Want short-cuts and do not follow proven systems.


If you’re the former, then I look forward to seeing you at The Dealmakers Live Mastermind.

Business Acquisition Can Seem Daunting … Overwhelming Event … I Understand …


At first, the thought of buying a multi-million pound business can seem daunting and even frightening.

I know this … I was very much this way before I bought my first business.

One reason I invited the speakers you’ll hear from is because they were also in your shoes, hesitant at first and lacking in some of the technical knowledge required to buy a business.

So one major goal of The Dealmakers Live Mastermind is to overcome this sense of “overwhelm.”


  • Let us know during the event about what’s holding you back.
  • Help us understand some of the technical and legal know-how you may be lacking.
  • Gain powerful inspiration from the speakers and listen to how they made this happen.
  • Get a plan and start executing this plan as soon as you leave the event.


But most importantly, The Dealmakers Live Mastermind is an opportunity to answer this question: “Can I Really Do This?” with a resounding YES!

People Are Hating These Economic Conditions … I’m LOVING The Current State of The Economy … It’s A Great Opportunity …


Look around, go to the shops, and read the newspapers: there’s a lot of doom and gloom out there. Inflation is rampant. Everyone seems like they’re on strike. Interest rates are rising … and so on.

And you might be thinking, “the economy is terrible so I’m not going to buy a business … it’s completely the wrong time.”

That thinking is wrong. Here’s why …

During an economic downturn, the number of potential business sellers massively increases … while the number of buyers goes down.

It’s easier to find sellers and there are less people trying to buy a business. The price of a business is a lot lower and owners are willing to finance deals.

That’s why NOW is an excellent time to buy a business. You’ll find thousands of highly motivated sellers in the market.

We’ll talk about this in more detail in The Dealmakers Live Mastermind.

23 Reasons To Attend The Dealmakers Live Mastermind


Why should you attend The Dealmakers Live Mastermind … here are just a few of the reasons.


  1. Create the right mindset so you move forward and get that first acquisition complete before Christmas, probably sooner.
  2. Overcome the obstacles that might be holding you back.
  3. Learn from people who have made business acquisition actually happen.
  4. Ask questions. Get answers. Gain total clarity.
  5. Learn from highly-experienced business buyers.
  6. Discover more about the Complete Business Buying System and why it’s so successful … and why it’s a huge mistake to ignore the system.
  7. Boost your deal flow so you’re speaking with more business owners … more often.
  8. Leave with a plan for business acquisition success.
  9. The goal is always the same … buy a business without using any of your money while minimizing risk.
  10. Limited space available so you get personal attention.
  11. A private event at the beautiful Latimer House in Buckinghamshire … it’s not available online.
  12. Three registration options … choose the option that best meets your needs.
  13. 100% pure information.
  14. Avoid mistakes that might cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  15. Understand the current dynamics in the economy and how these help business buyers.
  16. “No hype zone” … just clarity plus real-world advice.
  17. Understand why business acquisition remains one of the best ways to reach your financial goals.
  18. Information about the “exit” … which is where you reach those big hairy audacious financial goals … and never feel you have to work again.
  19. You’ll be among a community of like-minded and fun people who will keep you moving toward your goal.
  20. Take your business buying skills to the “elite” level.
  21. Discover how to think bigger … with bigger, yet achievable, goals.
  22. Accelerate your progress toward your goals.
  23. Start to understand how real-world negotiation works.

Two day live attendance with lunch both days -

Price £299 + VAT

Serious About Making Business Acquisition Work For You? The Dealmakers Live Mastermind Should Be TEN Times What We’re Charging.


If you’re really serious about business buying, then The Dealmakers Live Mastermind is one of the best investments you can make in your business and personal future.


You can ONLY hear from the speakers here. There will be no recording available.


  • You’ll get on the road to reaching even the most audacious financial goals through business acquisition. Some of the speakers you’ll meet have already done a £10 million exit.
  • The clear plan you receive will save you hundreds of hours of frustration, indecision, and poor planning.
  • You can avoid potentially expensive mistakes … mistakes that could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  • Ask questions … get answers from experts based on what really works.
  • You can only get the information about business buying here.
  • There’s a lot of misleading information on YouTube and the Internet. Avoid this information by coming to the Dealmakers Live Mastermind.
  • I’ve been paid one million plus for my advice – in just a single year. You can attend The Dealmakers Live Event for two days for just £299 + vat


Two day live attendance with lunch both days -

Price £299 + VAT

Discover What Serious Business Buyers Have Said About January’s Dealmakers Live Mastermind:



 “An eye opening event filled with inspirational stories.” Conan C.



 “Valuable 2 days – life changing. Great conversations, content, and inspiration from those who have done it – all of them. Thank you.” Kirsty Parker.



 “Great range of different acquisition structures to learn about.” Steve Lyster.



 “This was a great event … really opened my eyes to what is possible. Great networking opportunity.” Stefan Boyle.



 “Great presenters with hands on in the trenches of dealmaking. Extremely inspirational. Thank you Jonathan!” Douglas Neagle.



 “Such a wonderful opportunity to hear from people who have and are buying businesses and their stories of how they are doing it. Great to be able to spend time with similar minded people looking to learn how to acquire businesses.” Alexandre Guiot.



 “The event was really inspiring and insightful. All my questions were answered.” Jonathan Chappeu.



 “A great weekend shared with like-minded people.” Andrew Tsang.



 “An inspiring event that has made me more determined to make changes and set new targets.” Darren Rainenamy.



 “An amazing weekend. I learned so much, networked with like-minded people and left feeling inspired that I can go buy a business.” Iain Hendry.



 “Great few days, makes it sound easy, while at the same time demonstrating the risks involved.” Tiegisty Equabaegzi.



 “The information you get from the live session has been invaluable especially when ‘Golden Nuggets’ are really hard to come by on my day-to-day business deals.” Taylor Tassie.

Want To Make Business Buying Happen? Take These Steps …


  • Register for The Dealmakers Live Mastermind. Go here now.
  • You’ll receive full confirmation details by email.
  • Attend The Dealmakers Live Mastermind and participate.
  • Leave with the know-how and inspiration to buy that business.


Limited To Just 60 People


Dealmakers Live is limited to just 60 people and will sell out. Make sure you register early to reserve your spot.

An Important Decision You Must Get Right …


If you’re serious about building wealth and reaching your financial and personal goals … through acquiring businesses … then you have a simple choice.


You can go it alone, rely on free videos you may have seen on YouTube, and get some advice from a couple of friends who are in business … and totally fail …


OR …


You can learn about successful business buying in The Dealmakers Live Mastermind… and MAKE THIS HAPPPEN!

I’m confident you’ll make the right decision. Simply go here to register.