Announcing… Dealmakers Live! - The Ultimate Dealmaking Shortcut

Who Else Wants To Know The Closely-Guarded Secrets To Quickly And Easily Buying A Business During The Recession Without Risking Your Own Cash?

Give Me And 12 Incredible Dealmakers Just 2 Days On The 14th & 15th January 2023 And We’ll Reveal Exactly How (And Much More!)

This intimate, one-time only event is limited to 100 special guests and you’re invited! Get all the details below

From: Dealmaker, Jonathan Jay

Dear Friend,


I'd like to make you an extremely bold promise. On Sunday evening, 15th January 2023, you will know the exact steps you need to take to quickly and easily buy a business during the recession and complete the deal in just a few short months without risking your own money.


You will have a complete step-by-step business acquisition system you can confidently use over and over again to skyrocket the growth of your business portfolio and revenue.


And perhaps…


You may even be able to sell your new acquisitions for a life changing sum of money a lot sooner than you think (just like I did when I first bought a business for only £1 and sold for £1.25 million 11 months later).


Listen up, because this is important:


On the 14th and 15th of January 2023, I’m hosting a live event in the English countryside at the beautiful Latimer House In Buckinghamshire, where 12 of my mastermind clients reveal their business buying secrets to 100 lucky people.


You’ll discover:

  • EXACTLY how deals were done
  • Stories about their own acquisition journeys
  • How they overcame the common business buying challenges and ended up owners of profitable businesses
  • How they negotiated deals and structured the payments (no money down!)
  • Exactly how they financed and closed the deals - no stone is left unturned
  • How YOU can quickly and easily do it too even during the recession!
  • And much more!


The knowledge you’re getting your hands on is so valuable and closely guarded that we are asking every one of the delegates to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying they won’t reveal it to anyone else.


It’s that powerful.


This isn’t just another seminar…

…this is a business and life-transforming event that isn’t likely to be repeated.


And one of the most amazing things of all is, the speakers at the event are all regular people and are no more special or talented than you. They are regular business owners doing extraordinary things - buying business after business. And we want to show you how you can easily do it too, fast!


Before I reveal who the speakers are, let me give you another reason why it’s imperative you attend this live event…


You see, a HUGE opportunity lies in front of you.


Just like how the pandemic was a great time for people buying a business (I bought 48 and exited in July 2022), the current recession has given us an even bigger opportunity.


The number of people wanting to sell their business has gone up. There is now more supply than demand. The price of businesses has fallen and you can now make it work in your favour when negotiating to get better terms… if you follow the proven secrets revealed to you on the 14th and 15th January 2023.


You don’t want to fall into a trap or make a number of highly expensive mistakes, do you?


Of course you don’t. That’s why attending this live event will help prevent you from doing so.


Now’s a good time to surround yourself with the right people (who were in your shoes not so long ago),  with the right attitude, the right mindset, the right contacts and the right blueprints for success.


By Sunday night on the 15th January 2023, you'll come out of this event feeling energised, motivated, inspired, more knowledgeable and more confident about buying a business… where you’re able to find and seal your first deal in just a few short months and then do it all over again.


Anyway, let me finally tell you who these incredible 12 guest speakers are and what they’ll reveal:


Andrew – Training and Education Sector (Mastermind Delegate 2021)

Andrew had never bought a business before and since meeting me and applying what I've taught him, he’s bought five businesses totalling £2m in annual revenue – in the last 15 months.

  • He’ll show you how he’s FLOODED with business owners wanting to sell
  • Why each of his deals got bigger and bigger – the first was just £75k annual revenue, the most recent £1m annual revenue – and why this one was the easiest deal!
  • He’ll show you to find and close BIG deals
  • And much more!

Adam – Legal and Accountancy Services (Mastermind Delegate 2021)

Adam had never bought a business before meeting Jonathan  - however, after joining Jonathan’s Mastermind he bought 6 businesses and ended up with £16m million of revenue

  • He’ll show you how he did it
  • The mistakes he made and what he would do differently next time
  • Why none of these businesses cost him a penny of his own money
  • And much more!

Daniel – Engineering Sector (Mastermind Delegate 2020)

Daniel had also never bought a business before meeting Jonathan  - however, since joining Mastermind..

  • He started looking for acquisitions in 2020
  • Built a group of four manufacturing businesses turning over £8m
  • Works ten hours a week!

Daniel will reveal how he did it all and much more!

Daniel Beaumont

Alison – Retail Sector – (Mastermind Delegate 2022)

Alion came from a corporate background and had never bought a business before she joined Mastermind. Alison will reveal how:

  • Her first deal didn’t require any of her own money
  • Her second deal was twice the size – she will show you how to think bigger
  • She manages the businesses remotely!
  • And a whole lot more!

Martin – Accountancy Services – Mastermind 2021

Martin had grown his accountancy business organically – the slow, hard way. He joined Mastermind..

  • And did his first deal in 5 weeks!
  • He’s a master of deal sourcing – he’ll show you how he does it
  • How you can find and structure these deals so you don’t spend any of your own money
  • And more!

James – Funeral Services – Mastermind 2021

James acquired his first business without using any of his own money…

  • How to raise money from friends and family (and pay them back quickly!)
  • How to integrate businesses you buy
  • How James has a long term plan - for his family as well
  • And much more!
James Gardner-8

Gavin – Printing Services- Mastermind 2020

Gavin had bought a business before meeting Jonathan but it had been a painful process. Since joining Mastermind he’s

  • Bought nine businesses!
  • He’ll teach you his financing methods
  • And share his experiences of combining multiple businesses

You'll discover how Gavin did all this and more!

Gavin Page (1)-7

Jon – Telecoms – Mastermind 2019

Jon’s most recent acquisition is a £2m a year telecoms company he bought for just £60!

  • He’ll show you how he does deals with Administrators
  • How to buy businesses for pennies in the pound
  • How to turn around a distressed business
  • And a lot more!

Phil - Haulage and Trucking  - Mastermind 2022

Phil had never bought a business before meeting Jonathan  - however, following Jonathan’s guidance to the letter,

  • His first deal was a £7m revenue company
  • It didn’t require any of his own money
  • He ended up with £900k in the bank!

You'll discover how Phil did it, and how you can too! Plus much more.


John – Construction Services

John is building a group of home services businesses…

  • He’ll show you how he’s reached £6m turnover from a standing start
  • Why dealmaking is following a system
  • How you can find and structure these deals so you don’t spend any of your own money
  • Plus, much more!

Joanne - Accountancy Services

Joanne has bought five accountancy businesses!

  • How she found them
  • How she structured amazing deals – the best being over 20 years!
  • What to look out for when doing Due Diligence on a company.
  • And much more!

That’s an impressive army of experts who are doing deals a lot faster than I did at the beginning of my journey. And it’s also only a snippet of the money-making, business-buying information you will be receiving. 


    I will also be treating you to two outstanding training sessions on:

  • The new way to find deals in 2023 and the truth about business brokers
  • The 10 expensive mistakes new business buyers make and how to avoid them


     Plus, you’re invited to two networking lunches where you’ll be able to:

  • Find Deals
  • Find Joint Venture Partners
  • Make new friends
  • And a whole lot more!


    There are also incredible panel discussions and Q&A sessions to make sure you’re primed and ready to go out and start your deal making journey come Monday morning.


     But wait, there’s more…


    If there is a deal you’re currently considering, you can send it to us and our experts will analyse it live on stage.


  All in all, this is one of the heftiest packages I’ve seen when it comes to buying a business. And it’s far more detailed (and yet easy to follow) than anything else you could find… for any price.


   Currently there’s a ton of outdated and misleading information that claims to help you buy a business with no money down. But the information you’re getting at The Dealmakers Live! event is proven and working right now. It will give you the blueprint you need to get you where you want to be.


    Know this:  If you were to hire me or any other of the 12 speakers to consult with you, you would have to spend thousands of pounds and… you would never find all this information on your own. Even if you read every business book and trawled the internet for days, weeks and months. It’s the latest information that exists on the subject of buying a business quickly and easily with no money down.


    It truly is the ultimate dealmaking shortcut. Come Saturday morning, 14th January 2023, you could know next to nothing on the subject of buying a business and on Sunday night, 15th January 2023, you could know all the steps on how to find your first business and seal the deal in no time whatsoever. Your entire life could be changed forever. Having a portfolio of new businesses and quickly boosting your revenue tends to do that.


     And the best part is, you could go from working ridiculous hours in your business trying to grow it organically to something a lot less stressful and time-intensive. Where you have the freedom to go and look at other deals, spend time with family and even take a holiday.


     How much does it cost to attend? A lot less than you would ever suspect. The combined cost of the expert speakers hourly fees alone would run into the thousands. What you will pay, however, is a mere fraction of that. In fact, the cost of this package is so low that you’ll be able to recoup your investment MANY times over from when you do your very first deal.


    But you must act now because of three very important reasons. First, there are only 100 spots available. No more. Once those 100 seats are filled, it’s too late. No exceptions.


     Second thing, rooms at Latimer House are going fast. I expect all rooms and 100 spots to the Dealmakers Live! event to go within a matter of days from now.


     Thirdly, the information and secrets we’re going to reveal at the event are so hot, and time-sensitive, you need to hear it now…


While everything in the economy is peaking with huge potential!


     So, here’s how to reserve your spot: Simply click on any one of the following packages below and follow the instructions. Please make sure you have your debit/credit card handy. You have a choice of the following options:

Option #1 - Standard Ticket Two day live attendance with lunch both days -

Price £299 + VAT

Option #2 - Gold Ticket  includes overnight accommodation on Saturday at Latimer House, dinner and Saturday night party and lunch on both days  - Price £499 + VAT

Option #3 VIP Ticket - Includes overnight accommodation on Saturday at Latimer House, lunch on both days, dinner with Jonathan Jay and the speakers on Saturday night, front row seating  - Price £999 + VAT

If you decide to invest in either of the Gold or VIP tickets – then you are invited to meet us in the bar after dinner for the Gold and VIP party. An amazing networking event in a relaxed environment.

That’s pretty much all you need to know. But before I wrap this up I want to make you a promise…

I guarantee by the end of the event, you will know exactly what you need to do to go and buy your first business (no money down) in the recession and complete the deal in just a few short months.

So don’t miss out.

Reserve your spot right NOW!

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Jay

P.S. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in this message, just send us an email at  and we’ll be more than happy to help.

P.P.S. We’ll also be offering a substantial discount on 10 places of the acquisition mastermind programme. Simply tell us on arrival if you'd like more information.