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Hi – this is Jonathan Jay from The Dealmaker’s Academy. For the last twenty years I’ve been buying and selling businesses and when I look back, the financial peaks of the last two decades have been when I’ve been buying and selling companies and the troughs have been when I’ve just been focused on running the business!

The lightbulb moment is that running a business is for managers, owning a business and thinking like a business investor can transform your finances and one deal really can be life changing – it certainly has been for me – several times over.

So I’ve written a book that teaches you the 12 step process to buy a business – and here’s the best bit, I won’t let you risk your own money or borrow money from the bank! In fact, you can buy businesses that are ‘unloved’ for as little as £1 –and this book shows you how.

Now, on this page you can get a free copy of “How to Buy And Sell Great Businesses – Without Risking Your Own Money”. It’s £12.99 on Amazon, but to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible, I’ll buy you a copy – that’s a physical copy, not a PDF!

Let me tell you what’s in the book:

  • How to buy a profitable or distressed company without risking a penny of your own money
  • The companies you should avoid like the plague
  • The secret to finding companies for sale
  • How to fix distressed companies then flip them for sale
  • Where to find buyers eager to snap up your companies – to give you windfall profits
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If you want to transform your finances and enjoy more freedom, then this book is for you!

Last year I bought a £4.7m annual revenue company for £1 – yes, it had some problems, but I knew how to fix them – then sold it 11 months later in a seven figure deal – not bad for less than a year’s worth – and in this book I describe to you exactly how I did it.

I’ll buy you a copy of the book.

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Business acquisition really is a growth strategy that’s underutilised – and far more effective than trying to grow your grow your business one customer at a time. This training video will show you how you can do what I’ve been doing for 20 years.

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What are people saying about “How to Buy And Sell Great Businesses – Without Risking Your Own Money”


Wow! I’ve had over 23 years of running my own business and with Jonathan my eyes have been opened to a whole new way or working. An information-packed book with practical advice that has changed the way I see business. Real value for money as I now have a plan and can’t wait to get started!”

Sara Davison
“I’m buzzing with ideas and excitement about businesses that I could buy, grow and sell. This brilliant book has taught me a whole new attitude to turning business acquisition into a career and lifestyle opportunity.”

Ed Peppitt
“This is a niche like I have never seen before. I wasn’t aware of the potential that exists in buying an existing business and the ease with which this can be done. Jonathan puts his years of expertise into this book and reveals the opportunity to be had for us all.”

Pete Cohen
“Excellent book which will enable anyone to buy and sell businesses for profit with no money down. Jonathan Jay has structured this content in such a way that makes it easy to follow no matter if you are starting out or a seasoned investor. Highly recommended.”

Pete Bennett

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