Your Questions About Buying a Business Finally Answered!

Jonathan Jay’s new book on business acquisition answers 101 burning questions - claim your FREE copy here!

Wherever you are on your business buying journey, this new book by Jonathan Jay, the Acquisitions Strategist, who works with business owners to successfully buy companies, is a must read.

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What’s in the book?

It’s packed with101 real questions posed by Jonathan’s M&A Mastermind Clients  - answered during consultation webinars and now available in print for the first time.

Find out about:

  • Deal sourcing
  • The essential team you need on your side
  • The good, bad and ugly of business brokers
  • Why you never make an offer to buy a business
  • How to negotiate like a pro
  • The deal structures which mean that you never over pay for a company
  • How to integrate an acquisition into your existing company and why you must get your corporate structure right

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