Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme

2019/2020 Programme Workshop Dates (London)

30th September/1st October 2019, 23rd and 24th January  2020, 23rd and 24th April 2020

Richmond Hill Hotel

Growing a business can be very hard work and normally takes a long, long time. But acquiring a competitor, complementary business, supplier or client can propel your company forward faster than any other method. Usually, the only way to learn how to do this is by trial and error. That again can take years and be very costly. But now The Dealmaker’s Academy has an exclusive 12-month Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme that will teach you how to do mergers and acquisitions so that you can grow your business in a quantum leap and reap the rewards of your hard work sooner rather than later.

You’ll receive a first-class education from expert dealmakers who have made or advised on deals worth millions. You’ll learn the ‘smart’ ways of acquiring and merging businesses and so avoid making costly mistakes. You’ll learn the pitfalls and what not to do…

And you will do all this is in a supportive, positive environment, surrounded by an exclusive group of like-minded people. You’ll be guided by qualified lawyers, accountants and financiers who will help you to do profitable deals. With their help, you’ll be able to achieve your professional ambitions and personal dreams far faster than most other business owners.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme is designed to provide you with the right guidance, mentorship and support to become a professional dealmaker.

It will help you to avoid the very expensive mistakes that many business owners make doing mergers and acquisitions and which land them in all kinds of trouble. You will discover the way to structure deals to ensure your personal capital is never at risk.

The intensive year-long Mastermind Programme will support you in your objectives to buy a business to merge it with your own or to buy a standalone portfolio of companies that will generate cash for you as well as the opportunity to sell those companies when their value increases.

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When you join the Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme, you will have ongoing access to our ‘Deal Team’, a carefully chosen group of experts in law, finance, funding, human resources, business development and acquisition strategy. Attempting to buy a business without this level of support can be stressful and costly.

You’ll also have a network of like-minded business owners with which to share deals and feedback.

In the next few pages, you will discover how working with The Dealmaker's Academy will help you to accelerate the growth of your business by buying other companies. They might be companies that compete with your business or those that will complement your business offering.

You will also find out how The Dealmaker’s Academy can help you to build a portfolio of cash-producing businesses that generate income for you under management which means that you don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day operations. Instead, you’ll be free to pursue more deals.

The knowledge you gain during the 12-month Mastermind Programme will help you to save time and make better deals because you will have the practical expertise and guidance you need to identify and complete profitable acquisitions. It means you will make more successful acquisitions faster with lower expenses and, ultimately, a more profitable outcome.

Want to Join the Mastermind?

The programme is divided into 12 monthly modules. Each module is an essential part of the journey of buying, merging and selling a business successfully.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme is led by Jonathan Jay, CEO of the Dealmaker’s Academy (DMA) and one of the world’s leading trainers on buying and selling businesses. He has a 20-year plus track-record of high-performance companies and multi-million-pound exits.

As well as benefiting from Jonathan’s years of experience in deal-making, you will also learn from other dealmakers as well as expert advisers in mergers and acquisitions. Having access to their insider knowledge and vast experience will accelerate your progress in acquiring, merging and selling businesses.

Learn how to buy a business at the next Discovery Day with The Dealmaker's Academy and Jonathan Jay

To acquire and sell businesses successfully, you need access to a team of people who have the expertise, skills, experience and qualifications that you don't have. It is foolish to believe that you can do everything yourself. By leveraging other people's talents and time, you can compound your achievements.

What kind of expertise do you need? At the very least, you should have the following experts in a Deal Team.

  • Merger and Acquisitions Lawyer

Mergers and Acquisitions is a speciality subject that most business owners don't use in the day-to-day course of their business. But merger and acquisitions can involve a range of technical considerations including tax, competition, pensions, and regulations. An M&A lawyer will advise and guide you through these technicalities to ensure your deal is successful. Without such advice, it’s likely any dealmaker will flounder. It’s why having an M&A lawyer on your team is an essential part of your future success as a dealmaker.

  • Insolvency lawyer

If you are interested in buying distressed assets, in other words, assets that are on the verge of insolvency, then you also need an insolvency lawyer who understands the latest regulatory requirements around managing corporate insolvent situations.

In recent years, the rules have been tightened, and it is essential that you have expert guidance in this field otherwise you might fall foul of the law and become personally liable. It’s why you need an insolvency lawyer on your team.

  • Due Diligence Expert

A due diligence expert will undertake the checking and assessment of the business that you are buying to help you understand its positive and negative aspects. Having an expert carry out due diligence on your behalf will allow you the opportunity to review the deal without the emotion.

  • Accountant/Tax Consultant

An accountant will help you structure your portfolio to minimise your tax exposure and lessen your risk. Your accountant can help you to compartmentalise your companies to make it easy to sell or close them individually in the future. For example, if one of your portfolio companies underperforms due to a change in consumer behaviour or the economy, you should be able to close it down without adversely affecting other companies within your portfolio.

Your accountant will also help you to structure your affairs to plan for inheritance tax and allow your descendants to benefit from your hard work.

  • Finance Broker

If you follow the Dealmaker's Academy methodology of buying businesses without risking your capital, it’s still likely you will need to raise finance. This means you need to have access to all of the financing possibilities. An experienced finance broker will be able to guide and help you to find the best source of funding for your particular situation.

  • HR Consultant

Whether you buy the shares of a business or the assets of a company, you will encounter TUPE (or Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations). It involves the transfer of the staff to you.

Part of your restructuring after an acquisition, whether you merge it into your company or keep it as a standalone business, might be to reduce the staff headcount.

Attempting to do this yourself without proper guidance is likely to end in disaster. An HR Consultant will help you to manage these potentially difficult situations.

Your Exclusive Access to the DMA’s Deal Team

Putting together a Deal Team that can support your acquisition strategy can take years of trial and error. As you know, trial and error in business usually involve a great deal of time and expense. A huge benefit of joining the Dealmaker's Academy Mergers and Acquisitions Mastermind Programme is that you don’t have to find your own Deal Team—we’ve done it for you. You will get access to Jonathan’s Deal Team, comprised of some of the UK’s most experienced merger and acquisitions’ experts.

At the live training days, you can take advantage of their advice and guidance. You can tap into their knowledge and get immediate help which will help you to accelerate your progress. That’s all part of your Mastermind Programme membership. If you want more in-depth help with a deal, then you can negotiate fees with any of these professionals at preferential rates.

Many Mastermind delegates have said that access to the DMA Deal Team is worth more than the fee for the annual programme. They’ve realised that trying to go it alone or assembling their own team is the hardest, most expensive way of building a dealmaker business.


After 20 years of being a business owner, Jonathan Jay realised that the most enjoyable times in his professional career were when he was either buying or selling businesses. The worst were those times when he was a ‘business operator’ embroiled in the day to day running of the businesses he owned. He vowed then to focus solely on dealmaking.

As more and more people asked him for help and advice on dealmaking, Jonathan realised so many business owners who were missing out on the opportunity to get the lifestyle and income they dreamed about because they didn’t know how to grow their business through acquisition or sell their business at a profit. He saw too how many people put together bad deals which ended up placing everything they owned at risk—their businesses, their personal savings, and even their homes. Unlike him, they didn’t have access to M&A experts and were trying to do it on their own.


It was then that the Dealmaker’s Academy began to take shape. The very first Mastermind Group in 2016 was a group of dealmakers who had already done deals. Even so, within a few months, it became apparent that everyone in the group was more motivated simply because they were working as a team. Before making decisions about deals, they consulted with the other members of their Mastermind Group. That meant their decisions became smarter. As a result, they were doing better deals more frequently and more profitably.

From that moment onwards, Jonathan pledged to train at least 100 business owners a year on how to buy and sell businesses effectively.

The Dealmaker's Academy approach is about providing a supportive environment and the best expertise for smart business acquisition to allow you to achieve the outcome that you want. Whatever your personal goals might be—financial freedom, owning a portfolio of cash-producing businesses regardless of whether you turn up to the office every day, or establishing a financial legacy—the Dealmaker's Academy is here to support you as you buy and sell businesses and become a true dealmaker.