“Would You Like Jonathan Jay Help You Buy a Business Successfully? Join The Mergers and Acquisitions Protégé Programme and Receive Jonathan’s Personal Assistance and Advice.”

Read all about the Protégé Programme HERE

Every participant has to speak to Jonathan in advance of joining in order to assess suitability. Please watch the video on this page to find out how to arrange to speak to him.

Jonathan can only speak to eight people about the Programme per month

(Please note – due to his active schedule, Jonathan is no longer running introductory seminars for the Protégé Programme – everyone interested in joining speaks to Jonathan on the phone, first.)

This Programme is ONLY for experienced business owners. You should own a business or have business experience (not for employees unless you consider yourself very business-savvy)

PLUS – your company should have the cash flow for the one-off fees of £11,999 + vat. There is no obligation, but you should be in a financial position to proceed at the end of the call if you and Jonathan feel you would benefit.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Protégé Programme is for Dealmakers at all levels of experience and especially relevant if you are in the process of buying a business at the moment as it will save you money and get you a better deal.

Before speaking to Jonathan, please make sure you have prepared by doing two of the three below:

  1. Read Jonathan Jay’s book, ‘Business Buying Strategies’ – click here for your copy OR
  2. Listen to at least three of Jonathan’s ‘Business Buying Strategies’ podcasts – click here OR
  3. Watch at least six of Jonathan’s videos on YouTube – find them here


At the end of the call you will be able to make an informed decision about joining the Protégé Programme.